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  • Insurance Information – Southwest Church Connection is pleased to offer the employees of our association of churches the option for group insurance for Medical, Life, Dental and Vision Insurance plans.

Marriage and Doctrinal Statements


  • Pastor’s Retirement Plan  – This retirement plan is offered through our CB Northwest Region but is open to pastors and employees of member churches that are affiliated through all CB America regions. The Plan is a “403(b) Plan” that has been specifically designed to meet the retirement needs of the participants.


  • Tax Exempt –  501c3 Information  –  If you are a member church of SWCC / SWCBA, just email or call CBAmerica with your information and CBA will make out a letter stating that the church is under our 501c3 group ruling complete with documentation of our tax exempt status.  CBA will need the following information to process it:  Church Name,  Address (mailing and physical),  Phone Number,  EIN Number (This is a 9 digit number found on tax documentation specific for each church),  Email Address (CBA will send the information over email and mail the hard copy)  –
3686 Stagecoach Road, Suite F
Longmont, CO  80504


Pastor Rest / Renewal

  •  10/10 MINISTRIES -Serving couples in Christian leadership.  Joey and Robyn Coffman

Rest.  Space.  Time.  Your ministry is worth it.  Your marriage is worth it.  You’re worth it.

1955 E. Commerce Center Cir., Suite A
Prescott, AZ  86301
(928) 232-0544


  • GENESEE HOME RETREAT CENTER – A Place for Pastoral Renewal
Taylorsville, CA

Why do pastors and spouses need a sabbatical rest?

Pastors are often fatigued with their unending responsibilities.  Ministry is exhausting work with preaching, teaching, meetings, phone calls, hospital visits, counseling sessions, marriages, funerals, sermon preparation, and administration duties.  Throughout the scriptures, God led chosen leaders off to be alone with Him for times of rejuvenation.

American Church Group –  Insurance for Churches

Carpenter Hazelwood –  Attorneys at Law – churches and non-profits

Crown Financial Ministries –   True Financial Freedom


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