Church Planting

Annual – Multiply Leadership Training and Assessment Conference

Multiply 96 dpiOur 3rd Annual “Multiply Conference” will be hosted by Palm Valley Church, May 20-22
to train and assess ministry leaders who are interested in planting a church or starting any type of brand new ministry.

If you are a potential attendee or a church wanting to assess a possible planting candidate, please contact Steve Doerksen at asap for details.

Married couples must attend together.  Attendance does not obligate you, but anyone wishing to plant a new ministry in partnership with the SWCC must attend and pass the assessment.


New Church Plants

Recently two families along with supportive teams have taken a step of faith to launch new, strategic works.

  • Pastor Gene Willey with wife Pam and son Nathan are in the initial stages Willeys edit 2of settling in Morenci and taking steps toward starting a new congregation there. Gene served 16 years as an associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Nogales before making this remarkable faith commitment to the Lord and those who need the Lord in Morenci.

Click Here for a PRAYER LETTER and update

  • Pastor Mario Leyvas and his wife Melissa have taken that same step of Leyvas editfaith to start The Branch near University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. Mario and Melissa are business people and trainers, but wanted to translate their career paths into ministry and church planting. Along the way he reached out to his support group to ask, “Are we crazy to dream this?” The answer they got was a resounding “no.”


Keep in touch

To keep in touch with Gene and Mario and the happenings at Morenci and The Branch, you can have their Prayer Letters and updates sent directly to you.  Just register by sending your name, address, email and phone number to:

Gene at:

Mario at:

Ways you can Help!

PPartner with finances & “hand me downs”

LLend equipment

AAssist with outreaches and other projects

NNetwork by telling us of resources and people you know who may be able to help

TTeam up for prayer and coaching

To Donate

Click Here to give online or

Please send your check to:

Southwest Church Connection  
855 E. Schoolhouse Gulch Rd. 
Prescott, AZ  86303

Be sure to designate: which church plant you would like to give to or simply designate “church plants”

Is Your Church thinking about planting a church?  How big does a church have to be to start another church?

That was the question I asked veteran church planter, Matt Hannan in a video conference not long ago.  Matt’s answer may surprise you.  Matt recommends that churches start churches while they’re still relatively small (but healthy.)  That’s because sometimes people who transplant from large churches have a hard time transitioning to a smaller church plant that offers their family less.

Many churches have a heart and vision to be a part of church planting, but realize that they don’t have the resources, experience or understanding to pull it off on their own.  If you’d like to be a part of helping plant churches or you’d like our association of churches to lend our resources and expertise to help you with your own vision to plant a church, please contact us.

For more information, contact Steve Doerksen, SWCC Church Planting Consultant, at



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