Pastoral Renewal / Appreciation

 10/10 MINISTRIES – Serving couples in Christian leadership.

Joey and Robyn Coffman

Rest.  Space.  Time.  Your ministry is worth it.  Your marriage is worth it.  You’re worth it.

1955 E. Commerce Center Cir., Suite A
Prescott, AZ  86301
(928) 232-0544



A Place for Pastoral Renewal

Taylorsville, CA


Why do pastors and spouses need a sabbatical rest?

Pastors are often fatigued with their unending responsibilities.  Ministry is exhausting work with preaching, teaching, meetings, phone calls, hospital visits, counseling sessions, marriages, funerals, sermon preparation, and administration duties.  Throughout the scriptures, God led chosen leaders off to be alone with Him for times of rejuvenation.

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