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For over 50 years, Prescott Pines Camp has been a vital part of our network, assisting our partnering churches in their ministry and mission and expanding our outreach in the Southwest.  Check them out at their website!

Prescott Pines Camp

If you’re looking for a great camp and conference center or just a place to escape into the beautiful pines for a while, Prescott Pines Camp is for you.  With sponsored camps, group rentals, school programs and a beautiful bed and breakfast (Groom Creek Lodge)  there is something for everyone. 

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Prescott Pines’ Mission is:  To serve the people and churches of the Southwest with excellence by creatively shaping a camp setting that fosters learning and challenges individuals to make life-changing decisions.



When Church and Camp Meet

by Micaela Clark, Prescott Pines Camp

One day, our camp staff started talking about what it would be like if a church ran their service like it was camp.

We had the chance to experience this when we were invited to share our camp ministry with the fine people of Manzanita Baptist Church in Kingman. Pastor Ernst, being a brave and visionary man, allowed our camp staff to take over their Saturday night service, and both their Sunday morning children’s and adult services. He gave us permission to do it “camp style.”

Saturday evening’s service was a small group of believers, so the team had each of them grab a chair and form a circle at the front of the Sanctuary, so it was like sitting around a fire at camp. We sang a few songs; Paul brought the message, and afterwards the team met up with the church’s Youth and Children’s leaders for a time of Q&A. Even in one evening, it was a very productive day of ministry, and bonds were already being built.

On Sunday morning Paul had the privilege of taking over Pastor Pete’s adult Sunday School class. He taught on the subject of “How to study the Bible.” People were hungry for more and had plenty of questions. For the main service, Paul spoke on the topic 365247. Never heard of it you say? Sure you have! Jesus was His Father’s Son 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Paul related to the congregation of how Christ was perfect as an infant, toddler, child, teen, young man and adult, 365, 24/7. He then related that to camp in an interesting way. When you leave your church on Sunday afternoon, for the most part, you’re back out in the world, surrounded by unbelievers and their mannerisms, but when you’re at camp, it’s different. You eat with believers, play with believers, work with believers, pray with believers, worship, praise, sleep, brush your teeth… all with believers. Then the next day you do it again. There’s not a chance for the world to creep in while you’re at camp, you get to be a ‘Believer’ 365 24/7.

Meanwhile in Children’s Church, Chris was busy teaching the kids silly camp songs and talking with them about the armor of God in a way that really caught their attention. Chris brought a complete fireman suit he just happened to have lying around the house. Okay, he didn’t just happen to have one lying around, he volunteers at the Groom Creek Fire Department. When he brought it out and let the kids start putting it on, he had them hooked. Chris spoke about the importance of protection. Whether you’re a fireman surrounded by a building engulfed in flames or a believer who is being tripped up every day by Satan’s fiery darts, having the armor of God at your disposal can literally save your life. Then Danny showed the kids how to make some camp-style crafts that he had brought for them. By the end of their time with the kids, they had children climbing all over them, interestingly enough, just like they do at camp! It was awesome! When parents started to come to collect their children to go home, some of the kids began to have tears run down their faces because they did not want to leave church. Parents exclaimed, “This is different!”

There is something magical that happens when church and camp meet.

Prescott Pines Camp


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