An Exciting Year for SWCC

by Steve Engram,  SWCC Regional Executive –

This has been an exciting year for the SWCC! We have seen and heard of our Lord doing wonderful things through His people and His churches throughout the region. We have been able to participate in the assessment and beginning of turnarounds in a number of churches that want to more effectively reach their communities for Jesus. The gospel is on the march here in the Southwest!

The Lord has led us as an Association to partner with and commission 2 church planters – Mario and Melissa planting in west Glendale and Gene and Pam in Morenci. We are so excited in each case about how God is opening doors, making a way and with the vision that He has given each of these couples. Both churches are in the formative period and will be launching this coming year. We are already looking for other churches and church planters that we can partner with to plant new churches in the future.

Thank you for your investment in the ministry of SWCC through your church! I cannot adequately express how much I appreciate the work you are doing and the encouragement that you bring. These past couple of months I have been privileged to meet with a number of you in your Pastor Connection groups around the state and I have been so blessed by your heart and spirit for the Lord Jesus and His church. Thank you!

One thing we will be doing this February is bringing the Annual Meeting of the SWCC on the road so that we can meet with as many of you and those in your church as possible. During this meeting we will be having a vote on the new constitution that was sent to you earlier this fall along with the nominees for the board who will serve as the class of 2017. But the focus of our meeting will be to tell some of the stories of what God is doing, to fellowship together in His great work and to encourage one another for a year of great harvest. We would love for you, the leadership of your church and church members to plan to join us for this event in your area.

Looking forward to seeing you in February!

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