Values, History & Vision

Vision Energized

Have you noticed?  The Bible isn’t just a word book.  It’s a vision book.

Both its author and its content embody the power of vision . . . power found in deep, noble purpose, in a compelling picture of the future and in clear guiding values.

The Connection’s vision embodies that pattern:

Southwest Church Connection is a network of churches, empowered by the Lord and mobilized by passionate spiritual leaders, reaching the Southwest with the Gospel through healthy, reproducing congregations.

This vision . . . Gospel transformation flowing from healthy, reproducing congregations . . . some call it a dream . . . it’s way more than a dream . . . it’s a calling.

Values Guided

For a vision to stay on course, especially in changing times, it must be anchored in deep, guiding values.

Our network of churches and their leaders share six that keep us “spot on” whether cultural winds are gentle, blustery or at gale force.  Southwest Church Connection partners are Bible-centered . . . Gospel-focused . . . Mission-driven . . . Grace-infused . . . Relationally-committed . . . Culturally-inclusive. These six values solidly anchor our vision to what’s close to God’s heart and vision.  And our conservative, biblical, long-standing faith commitments as expressed in the Connection Statement of Faith keep us and our partners on a steady course.

Shared Faith

Participants in the network, Connection Partners, are diverse in many ways. . .

approaches to ministry, sizes of congregations, geography and demographics, ministry emphasis, and leadership structures to name a few.  And they are voluntary participants in the network.  The glue that has held this association of churches and leaders together for decades is a shared faith as expressed in the Statement of Faith, fourteen summary statements that start with “I believe” and express our commonly held and practiced affirmations of faith. For instance, Statement 1 affirms that we believe “the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as verbally inspired by God, as inerrant in the original writings, and as the supreme and final authority in faith and life.”   For all of the faith statements, Click Here.

History’s Shoulders

While our vision moves us toward a dynamic future,

The SW Church Connection and its partners can never lose sight of the remarkable contributions of dedicated men and women who built the ministry foundations we now stand upon.  Those men and women launched a legacy that became known as the Arizona Baptist Convention and later The Southwest Conservative Baptist Association. Characterized by a love of Scripture, conservative theology, local church focus and global mission, the churches under those banners developed a gospel presence throughout the Southwest.

And while times may change along with approaches to ministry and even ministry names, the foundation they constructed based on biblical truth, redemptive values and mission commitments can never be forgotten . . . must always be respected and appreciated.  As we move into the future God has for us, we do so strengthened by a long and lasting legacy of ministry in the Southwest . . . a legacy you can count on to help empower and secure our shared future.

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