Getting Involved

A network like Southwest Church Connection thrives on the strategic participation of the many at its grassroots.  Therefore, a key question at the power level of a network (the grassroots) is,

“How can I participate?” Here are some ways:

  • If you represent a congregation and find our vision, values, faith commitments and ministries compatible with your own, then joining this network of Christ-centered local churches and leaders as a Connection Partner may be your next step.  Connecting with SWCC.
  • If you’re a pastor, get involved in a Connection Group.  You’ll be blessed and encouraged by receiving the investment of others and you’ll bless others by your investment in them.  Whether your congregation is a Connection Partner or not, you’re welcome in a Connection Group as an individual leader/partner in the network.
  • Invest in the network by supporting Southwest Church Connection . . . all the initiatives you’ve glimpsed here only happen with the support of Connection Partners, both corporate and individual.  Support the Connection.
  • Connect with other churches and leaders in the network for mutual encouragement and ministry.
  • Pray regularly for the churches and leaders within the network.
  • Join other Connection Partners to help renew a congregation open to and seeking His newness for effective ministry today.
  • Make use of one of The Connection’s camp and conference centers, Prescott Pines Camp or Huachuca Oaks Camp
  • Write an encouraging article for SWCC, or your church’s or the network’s newsletter.  Email to submit an article for Connection Magazine.
  • Post a thought, idea or item of encouragement on our Facebook page.
  • Make your faith gifts, talents and experiences available to others in the network.
  • Join other Connection Partners to plant a new church or start a new small group in a community or neighborhood needing a Christian witness.
  • Pray for your church leaders, your pastor and your Connection servants.

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