Values, History and Vision cont.

Connection Groups

While networks and associations often become “institutional” in their approach, their true life flourishes at a grassroots level.

The Connection Groups concept keeps our Connection Partners linked to those roots through regionalized groups of pastors who coach, teach, encourage, correct and empower one another to fulfill their respective missions and in so doing, complete the mission Christ has given them.  Connection Groups drive the mission of the network; the network “office” exists to serve, empower and help resource local Connection initiatives. Click Here to go to our CONNECTION GROUPS page.

Church Focused

Southwest Church Connection is committed to this truth:   the local church is God’s primary agency for His work in our world today.

As such, our vision moves the local church, its leaders and ministries front and center in all that we do.  Our success as a network is measured in terms of healthy, reproductive churches reaching the Southwest with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The results?  New followers of Christ, new churches, increased congregational health and cultural impact.  Communication, events, training, pastoral meetings, pastoral searches, church assessments, ministry mapping and leadership meetings are services crafted to achieve those results.  Connection Partners benefit continually from the vision-supporting services of SWCC.

Partner Powered

No individual, church or association can possibly have all the talent, skills, resources or ideas necessary to engage today’s mission opportunities.

Partnerships with like-minded mission practitioners are essential, even biblical.  The Connection, as a network of churches, is linked to a network of other ministry providers that help move the regional mission forward.  Those providers include educational groups, other churches and leaders of influence, mission agencies, training ministries and our own pastors and leaders who bring contributions that enrich the entire network and help its partners fulfill their respective callings.  Partnering Ministries

Leader Enriched

Mutual investments through a rich and growing core of leadership form the engine of the network.

Effective mission rises and falls based on the presence of strong, biblical leadership.  Network-wide commitment includes partnering within the network and with appropriate resource groups outside the network to strengthen that leadership core.  A second commitment is to identify and utilize the great assets of knowledge and experience within that core to lift the effectiveness of the entire network.  Yes, a key is “us investing in us.”  We are churches . . . growing . . . together . . . with effective, networked leaders setting the course, strengthening the core.

Nurturing New

We can’t deny this fact: churches have gotten old all over North America and that includes in our network and throughout the region.

We have a deep need for new: new congregations, new Christ-followers, new ministry approaches, new energy and motivation, new resources, new leaders.  Yes, it sometimes feels like all things should become new.  And actually, newness in Christ should be a constant characteristic among us for He is the Master of new.  One of the key, mutual roles within the network is helping each other to stay open to His newness and its role in completing our mission and calling.

Getting Involved

A network like Southwest Church Connection thrives on the strategic participation of the many at its grassroots.  Therefore, a key question at the power level of a network (the grassroots) is . . .

“How can I participate?” Here are some ways:

  • If you represent a congregation and find our vision, values, faith commitments and ministries compatible with your own, then joining this network of Christ-centered local churches and leaders as a Connection Partner may be your next step.  Connecting with SWCC.
  • If you’re a pastor, get involved in a Cornerstone Group.  You’ll be blessed and encouraged by receiving the investment of others and you’ll bless others by your investment in them.  Whether your congregation is a Connection Partner or not, you’re welcome in a Connection Group as an individual leader/partner in the network.
  • Invest in the network by supporting Southwest Church Connection . . . all the initiatives you’ve glimpsed here only happen with the support of Connection Partners, both corporate and individual.  Support the Connection.
  • Click here for more ways to get involved


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