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SW Church Connection…

  • Connects pastors and leaders for personal, team & congregational growth through annual training events
  • Connects you to news, training and resources from around our network through our various e-letters and social media- facebook
  • Connects you to our history, beliefs, resources, blogs, articles and events
  • Connects congregations to other congregations for mutual fellowship, strength, growth and mission
  • Connects pastors with other pastors for encouragement and fellowship in our Connection Groups
  • Connects with churches and leaders in planting new churches in the Southwest
  • Connects churches with tools for ministry assessment and church health (Ministry Mapping)
  • Connects churches with new pastoral leadership and pulpit supply
  • Connects churches and resources to advance our mission to reach the Southwest with the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Welcome to the communication and resource hub of Southwest Church Connection.

Here’s an important question, the answer to which will help you understand who we are: “So, what’s the heart of Southwest Church Connection?  Answer? Local church ministry . . . and you!

This is important, because a key to understanding Southwest Church Connection as a network of churches is embedded in its commitment to grassroots ministry effectiveness.  To fulfill that commitment, it is critical that Connection Partners see themselves as the Southwest Church Connection.  It’s what the Partners do in connection with Christ and each other that matters.  That is after all what associations and networks are:

Groups of people or organizations connected together for common purposes.

And that’s what Southwest Church Connection is: a group of congregations and their leaders connected together to help each other fulfill a shared mission as followers of Jesus Christ.  Here’s who we are in more detail . . .

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